Best Indoor Worm Composters For Small Spaces

  • By: Sam Richards
  • Date: September 12, 2023
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Worm castings are among the most organic composts and fertilizers available right now. It is the reason why this compost is so popular among gardeners. If you are also into gardening, then you can rest assured that generating your own worm castings is possible. All you need would be a worm composter or vermicomposter and some kitchen scraps.

One thing to note, though, is that there is a wide range of small worm composters on the market right now. With that, you may get confused over all your choices. In this case, you have to look for the best indoor worm composter after considering what you need exactly.

Check out your options and compare them based on size and prices. You also have to make it a point to choose one, which is versatile enough that it suits various parts of your home. To start with, here are three of the most talked-about small worm composters on the market right now. Check out these short reviews to know how good each one is.

HOT FROG Living Composter – The Editor’s Choice

HOT FROG Living Composter

There are so many things to love about the HOT Frog Living Composter – one of which is its ability to provide good bedding and shelter for the worms. With that, it has a better chance of generating worm castings that you can use for your garden. It helps in creating worm castings that you can use in cultivating compost rich in nutrients that will work as an effective soil additive.


If you are into bright things, then the color of this composter would be an advantage to you. It comes in a bright green color, which makes it quite attractive for those who love this color. It has a solid design and with its 15×15 footprint, it is an incredible solution for those in apartments. The design is versatile, too, that it can fit various decors.

One more thing that forms part of its design is the double-walled lid as well as the base. Both these features promote great insulation from extreme weather and temperatures. With that, it is surely a good outdoor solution for those who are into composting.


One amazing characteristic of the HOT FROG Living Composter is that it is well-insulated, thanks to the lid with double walls as well as the base. With both these features, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have to worry about it being incapable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

It also promotes impressive airflow. It assures users that there will be a fantastic 360-degree airflow for the worms inside because of the aeration support points found on every tray. These aeration support points were molded on the sides, assuring you of the proper flow of air.

The durability of the bin is also one of its most endearing traits. The entire structure is even BPA-free plus it uses UV-inhibited recycled polyethylene material. With that, you are assured of the high level of protection from direct sunlight that the composter and the worms inside receive.


In terms of use, you will immediately discover how this worm composter provides an effective and convenient solution to compost various foods and scraps that are present at home. You can use it to build the perfect environment for happy worms with the aid of its moisture control and water retention channel.

It prevents the liquid from directly falling through the tray, which is helpful in collecting moisture, thereby ensuring that the bedding’s edges do not dry out. You can also use it for the expansion of your living composter. It is possible with the 40 angled tunnels you can see extending down from each tray’s base directly to the bedding below. With that, your worms will have the chance to migrate from one tray to another.


  • Provides proper airflow – It can even provide up to 360-degree airflow, thanks to the set of support points you can see molded at the trays’ lower edge.
  • Well-insulated – This insulation is made possible with the lid and base that has double walls. With that, it is well-insulated from any extreme and constantly changing temperature. It can help build the perfect environment for productive and happy worms.
  • Highly durable – It even has UV protection, keeping it safe and protected from the harsh effects of direct sunlight exposure.
  • Spacious enough to hold plenty of worms – You have an assurance that they will survive with the ability of the composter to give them the most ideal environment.
  • Can be used even outdoors


  • Slightly pricier than other composters
  • The wooden legs are prone to weathering sooner than expected.

Maze Worm Farm Composter

Maze Worm Farm Composter

Another item that meets the criteria of those who would like to make their own compost for their gardens is the Maze Worm Farm Composter. It has plenty of impressive features and benefits that can truly make the composting process hassle-free.


This composter is designed in a way that it can integrate a more stylish look to your worm farm. It has a seamless and customizable design, which is also compact enough that it can fit various parts of your home. It is not bulky and is portable, too, which makes moving it from one spot to another more convenient.

With its vertical design, it has a high chance of looking great on a garden, deck, or balcony. Another noticeable part of its structure is the rotating working tray. This specific rotating design ensures that the trays will just rotate once they get full.


This Maze Worm Farm Composter is built in a way that you can use it for recycling organic wastes at home. It lets you create organic compost, which can keep your garden and the surrounding environment healthy. You just have to put it in your worm farm and add composting worms to it.

Once the composting worms are around, expect them to be able to digest a max of four kilos of organic kitchen scraps or waste weekly. You will also find it useful as it is made in a way that you can elevate the worm farm. With that, you can easily fill it up.

Most users also love the flat collection tray built into this item. It has a 2-L capacity and is helpful in collecting rich worm tea while draining.


  • A couple of working and rotating trays come with the purchase of the composter – It is beneficial as it prevents you from needing additional trays.
  • Offers optimal aeration and airflow – It assures users of optimal aeration for the worms with the aid of its stacking trays and base. You can also find an open drain at the base. This drain ensures that worm tea will not build up, allowing the proper flow of air at the bottom.
  • Features an easy-to-slide worm saver tray – It further promotes convenience when using it.
  • Portable and lightweight structure
  • Features a lid, which you can easily lift and hang
  • Built using recycled materials, further proving its sustainability and environmental-friendliness
  • The purchase comes with 100 red composting worms for free.


  • The wooden legs are not that sturdy.

The Worm Factory 360 Composter

The Worm Factory 360 Composter

The third choice for the best indoor worm composter you should check out is the Worm Factory 360. It has several decent features that make it a truly great addition to the arsenal of gardeners who intend to make their own compost, instead of buying commercial ones.


One thing about the construction of the Worm Factory 360 Composter that is worthy of highlighting is its expandable multi-tray design at a compact size. It has four stacking trays. The design also features a vented lid, a base with a built-in spigot, and a worm ladder.

Designed in a way that it can expand vertically, it is capable of housing thousands of worms. It also guarantees a high compost capacity even with its small footprint. It is even possible for you to expand this composter for up to eight trays, allowing you to make adjustments to the system depending on your unique needs and requirements.


You will also be delighted to know that the Worm Factory 360 Composter is easy to operate and set up. You can even manage it in just fifteen minutes or less every week. You can begin using this composter using only the bottom tray as well as the included bedding material.

Just fill that tray with around a pound of worms for composting and your household wastes. You can then expect the added worms to begin processing the added household wastes. Put a new tray only after the bottom one gets full. You will also notice the composting worms migrating up to the newly integrated source of food. When that happens, you will notice the bottom tray getting filled with compost rich in nutrients.


  • Promotes ease in adding food scraps – This means it is quick and hassle-free to fill this composter with food scraps. All it takes is opening the lid and then tossing in the food wastes or scraps, like those from fruits, egg shells, leaves, grains, veggies, and coffee grounds.
  • Comes with a lid, which you can convert into a stand for the trays when you harvest the worm castings
  • Guarantees the immediate or timely draining of excess fluid or moisture, thanks to its built-in spigot
  • Heavy-duty and durable structure, ensuring its ability to last for a long time
  • Available in the standard 4-tray size, which you can expand up to eight
  • Useful even in areas with limited space, thanks to its compactness
  • Large capacity and versatile design, allowing it to fit in both indoor and outdoor locations


  • Not that easy to move when full – You should, therefore, avoid moving the entire composter at once. It would be best to move it on a per-tray basis. It is because it is quite heavy, especially once you get to fill it with the worms and the scraps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need an indoor worm composter?

Investing in an indoor worm composter is a wise move, especially if you are serious about making your own compost from worms. It makes the process of vermicomposting a lot easier. The good news is that your decision to make your own compost with a high-quality composter around is less expensive than having to buy it.

It also promotes ease, especially if you are living in a condo, apartment, or any place with just minimal space. With limited indoor space, you can make use of a composter, which is often compact and does the job for you.

Once you have your own indoor worm composter, you can jump-start your composting journey, which allows you to recycle kitchen scraps and garden wastes instead of putting them in landfills.

Where can an indoor composter be placed?

Most small composters are so compact that you can easily integrate or fit them into various parts of your home. You can fit it on balconies, porches, and patios. The best location for it, however, would be outside the door that is the closest to your kitchen. This spot promotes ease in composting kitchen scraps. You may also want to put it close to your vegetable garden in case there is one at home. By doing that, you can just conveniently toss trimmings and weeds to it.

Why is it better to start composting with a small composter?

It is always a wise move to begin your composting journey using a small composter. One reason why it is better to do so is that this item mainly designed for worm composting is capable of holding a huge volume even if it only has a small footprint. For its huge capacity, expect it to consume only a little space. Moreover, it works in draining excess moisture immediately and helps ensure that the ideal environment for worms is retained.


Having the best indoor worm composter is indeed a viable move, especially if you want to experience the joys of being able to make your own compost. It is even proven to be environmentally-friendly as having this item around will let you put your kitchen scraps or anything that the worms can use to thrive and produce castings for you.

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