CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter: A Kitchen Game-Changer

  • By: Sam Richards
  • Date: September 8, 2023
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter. As someone who loves gardening and is always looking for eco-friendly solutions, I was excited to try out this electric compost bin.

Key features

  • 3.3L capacity
  • Two selectable modes with different effects to reduce food waste by up to 90%
  • Quick composting automatically turns food waste into nutrient-rich dirt
  • Odorless and suitable for countertop use
  • Positive customer reviews
CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

My Experience with the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

I’m no stranger to composting, and I take pride in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. So when I stumbled upon the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter with all its intriguing promises, I knew I had to give it a try. This sleek, white machine looked like something straight out of the future, and I was excited to see if it could truly turn my food waste into compost effortlessly.

The Setup

Setting up the CROWNFUL Composter was a breeze. The instructions were clear, and within minutes, I had it in its designated spot on my kitchen counter. It did take up a bit of space, but I was willing to make that compromise for the promise of efficient composting.

Testing the Composter

I started by collecting all my organic kitchen waste – peels, coffee grounds, and even some fruit that had gone bad. I was impressed by how much the composter could hold, though it couldn’t handle larger items like avocado pits.

I opted for the “compost” mode, which promised to transform my kitchen scraps into usable compost. The touch controls were a bit confusing initially, and I had to consult the manual to figure out how to operate it properly. A clear on/off button would have been more intuitive.

The Wait

Once I started the cycle, I had to be patient. It wasn’t a quick process; it took around 8-10 hours to complete. The composter did make some noise, mainly due to the fans that helped with odor control, but it wasn’t overly disruptive.

The Results

The next morning, I eagerly opened the composter to see what had happened overnight. To my amazement, the food scraps had been transformed into nutrient-rich compost. It looked just like soil, and there were no unpleasant smells to contend with. Plus, it had significantly reduced in volume – a testament to its efficiency.

CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Energy Usage

I decided to use a smart plug to track the energy usage. A full cycle cost me about $0.17, which was relatively affordable. The composter cycled between 20W and 400W, depending on whether it was heating or resting. I was glad I could monitor this, as it helped me ensure it wasn’t using power unnecessarily.

The Verdict

While the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter might not be for everyone, I found it to be a neat gadget for my kitchen. It allowed me to convert my food waste into compost without the need for a large outdoor bin. However, it did have some downsides, like the need for counter space and the limitation on what it could process.

In terms of practicality, it might not make financial sense for everyone due to the electricity costs. Still, for those passionate about composting and sustainability, this electric composter offers a convenient way to reduce waste and create valuable compost for your garden.

So, would I recommend it? If you’re ready to embrace the future of composting and don’t mind a bit of trial and error with its quirks, give it a shot. Just make sure you have the counter space and commitment to make the most of this neat kitchen gadget. Happy composting! 🌱✨

CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Key takeaways

🛠️ The CROWNFUL Kitchen Composter comes with a user manual and a Phillips head screwdriver for assembly.
♻️ After the composting cycle, the output from the CROWNFUL Kitchen Composter resembles dirt, and it should be stored in an airtight container. The metal container is dishwasher-safe for cleaning.
🌡️ The composter maintains an 85-degree temperature during operation, and the process takes a few hours. It’s suitable for kitchen scraps and can be used as fertilizer for gardens.

CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  1. Quick Compost Automatically: This compost bin easily turns food waste into nutrient-rich dirt in a short amount of time, saving you money on disposal bills and reducing your carbon footprint.
  2. Two Selectable Modes & Child Lock: The CROWNFUL composter offers two modes with impressive waste volume reduction rates, and it comes with a child safety lock to prevent accidents.
  3. Unique Design and Large Capacity: With a compact and stylish design, this compost bin fits perfectly on your countertop. It also has a generous 3.3L bucket capacity.
  4. Quiet & Odorless: Thanks to its activated charcoal filter, this composter operates quietly and without any unpleasant smells. It’s ideal for indoor use.
  5. Easy to Use and Clean: With a one-touch operation, you can compost various types of waste simultaneously. The Teflon coating ensures easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Electricity Cost: Running this composter can increase your electricity bill, so it’s important to consider the cost and energy consumption.
  2. Space Requirement: This composter takes up a significant amount of counter space, so make sure you have enough room for it in your kitchen.
CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Quick Verdict

The CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter is a great solution for reducing kitchen waste and transforming it into compost. It effectively minimizes your carbon footprint while saving you money on waste disposal. The design is sleek and compact, though it does require ample counter space. I appreciate the two selectable modes and the child safety lock for added convenience and peace of mind.

If you’re someone who produces enough organic waste and wants to make a positive impact on the environment, this compost bin is worth considering. It operates quietly and without odors, making it suitable for indoor use. While the electricity cost and space requirement should be taken into account, the benefits outweigh these drawbacks in my experience. Give it a try and contribute to a greener future!

Check out the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter on Amazon.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter with a 3.3L capacity from Amazon. Living in the USA, I decided to invest in this composting machine to efficiently turn my food waste into compost. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the delivery was, as I received it within three days of placing the order.

When I opened the box, I found the following items:

  • CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter: The main product itself, is a sleek and modern-looking composting bin.
  • Power Adapter: A power adapter for plugging in the compost machine.
  • Instruction Manual: An instruction manual that provided guidance on how to set up and operate the compost bin.
CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter


Here are the specifications of the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter:

  • Brand: CROWNFUL
  • Capacity: 3.3 Liters
  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: 12.36L x 12.36W x 12.36H
  • Item Weight: 23 Pounds


The documentation that came with the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter was extremely helpful. It provided clear instructions on how to assemble the compost bin and how to properly use it. The user guide also included troubleshooting tips and maintenance guidelines to ensure optimal performance. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out the user guide here.

Features – What I Found

Automatic composting

The CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter automatically turns your food waste into nutrient-rich dirt, saving you money on waste disposal. This feature helps reduce the amount of kitchen waste each week and has a positive impact on the environment.

By using this smart composter, you can quickly compost your food waste without the need for manual labor. It efficiently converts your food waste into compost, which can be used in your garden to enrich the soil and promote healthy plant growth.

Pro-tip: To optimize composting results, ensure you add a balanced mix of greens (fruit and vegetable scraps) and browns (such as paper, leaves, or sawdust).

CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Two selectable modes and child lock

The CROWNFUL kitchen composter offers two selectable modes: Rapid Dry Mode and Organic Mode. Rapid Dry Mode operates for 3-5 hours, while Organic Mode runs for 5-10 hours. These modes have impressive waste volume reduction rates, ranging from approximately 85% in Rapid Dry Mode to over 90% in Organic Mode. This helps minimize your carbon footprint and lowers disposal costs.

To ensure the safety of children and prevent any potential hazards, this composter is equipped with a child safety lock. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access the composter and prevents accidental opening or misuse by children.

You can choose the mode that best suits your composting needs and contribute to a greener environment.

Compact design with large capacity

The CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter features a compact design, making it perfect for your countertop without occupying too much space. You can easily place it in your kitchen for convenient composting, saving you the hassle of taking your food waste to a compost pile outside.

Despite its compact size, this composter has a generous 3.3L bucket capacity, allowing you to compost a significant amount of food waste without frequent emptying. This large capacity ensures you can continue composting for an extended period before needing to dispose of the composted material.

The simple and stylish appearance of this composter adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Quiet and odorless operation

The CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter operates silently, thanks to its stepping motor. It provides powerful composting operation while maintaining a quiet effect, ensuring a peaceful environment in your kitchen.

To prevent any unpleasant odors, this composter is equipped with an activated charcoal filter. The filter absorbs odors effectively, keeping your kitchen fresh and odor-free. This makes the CROWNFUL composter ideal for indoor use, allowing you to reduce your food waste year-round while giving back to the environment.

CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Easy to use and clean

This electric compost bin features a one-touch operation, allowing you to compost various types of waste simultaneously with a simple press. It saves you time and effort compared to traditional manual composting methods.

The composter is covered with a high-temperature-resistant Teflon coating, making it easy to clean. You can safely clean it in the dishwasher without worrying about damaging the unit. This feature ensures hassle-free maintenance and allows you to focus on composting rather than cleaning.

Using the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter is convenient and user-friendly.

CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter


I recently purchased the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter and I have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. With its quick composting capabilities, it effortlessly turns my food waste into nutrient-rich soil, saving me money on waste disposal and making a positive impact on the environment. The composter also offers two selectable modes, giving me the flexibility to choose between rapid drying or organic composting, with both modes reducing waste volume significantly. I particularly appreciate the child lock feature, ensuring the safety of my children.

The compact design and large 3.3L capacity of the composter make it a perfect fit for my countertop without taking up too much space. Its quiet operation and odor-absorbing activated charcoal filter make it ideal for indoor use. I have found the composter to be incredibly easy to use and clean, thanks to its one-touch operation and high-temperature-resistant Teflon coating. Additionally, the package includes all the necessary accessories, and the user manual provides clear instructions.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the CROWNFUL Smart Waste Kitchen Composter. It not only efficiently reduces waste but also provides nutrient-rich compost for my gardens. The product’s features, such as quick composting, child lock, compact design, and easy use and cleaning, make it a worthwhile investment. Don’t miss out on this environmentally friendly solution, and check it out on Amazon.

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