Maze Worm Farm Review — Stylish Composting

  • By: Sam Richards
  • Date: September 7, 2023
  • Time to read: 10 min.

Today I want to share my experience with the Maze Worm Farm. If you’re into composting and want a compact and manageable worm farm, then keep on reading! I’ll provide you with the pros and cons of this product and give you my quick verdict.

Key features

  • Durable: The Maze Worm Farm is made of BPA-free, UV-inhibited recycled polypropylene that will last for years.
  • Compact size: This small vermicomposting system is perfect for those with limited space.
  • Two working trays: The Maze Worm Farm features two working trays so that worms can move upwards for fresh food when the bottom tray is full.
  • Customizable: The Maze Worm Farm can be customized with legs or a stand to fit seamlessly into any area around your home.
  • Stylish design: The Maze Worm Farm is a stylish addition to any home or garden.
Maze Worm Farm

My Maze Worm Farm Adventure

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of composting and reducing my household waste. So, when I stumbled upon the Maze Worm Farm, I was both excited and a little skeptical. After all, I had read a mix of reviews, and I wanted to see for myself if this compact worm composter lived up to the hype.

The Arrival

When the Maze Worm Farm arrived at my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to unbox it. The packaging was neat, and all the components were well-protected. I was impressed with the quality of the materials; the plastic felt sturdy, and it had a sleek and modern design.

Assembling the Farm

As I began assembling the farm, I realized that the instructions weren’t as detailed as I would have liked. However, I’m no stranger to DIY projects, so I managed to put it together without too much trouble. The modular design allowed me to add more trays, which I found convenient as my worm population grew.

The Escape Artists

One of the concerns I had heard from other users was that worms could easily escape from the Maze Worm Farm. Initially, I did notice a few adventurous worms making their way out, especially through the lid. However, I remembered a helpful tip from one of the reviews I had read – building a seal around the lid. I followed this advice, and it worked like a charm. No more escapees!

Worm Delight

Once I had everything set up, I couldn’t wait to introduce my worms to their new home. The Maze Worm Farm came with a small brick of compressed coconut coir bedding to get them started, which was a thoughtful touch. I also appreciated the detailed instructions that guided me through the entire process, from setup to maintenance.

Maze Worm Farm

Happy and Healthy Worms

As days turned into weeks, I watched in awe as my worms thrived. They diligently turned my kitchen scraps into rich, nutrient-packed worm castings. The clear bin for catching liquid runoff was a game-changer, making it easy to collect worm tea for my plants.

Educational Fun

One unexpected joy was sharing the Maze Worm Farm with my children. They were fascinated by the process and loved learning about worms and composting. It became a fun educational tool, and they even enjoyed playing with the worms (under my watchful eye, of course).

Final Thoughts

In the end, I can confidently say that the Maze Worm Farm has been a valuable addition to my household. Despite the initial escape artist challenges, a simple fix made all the difference. The farm is compact, odorless, and blends seamlessly into my kitchen. It’s not just a composting solution; it’s an educational experience that my family enjoys.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your environmental footprint, educate your kids, and create nutrient-rich compost for your garden, the Maze Worm Farm is worth considering. Just remember to seal that lid, and you’ll have happy and healthy worms working their magic in no time. Thumbs up!

Maze Worm Farm

Key takeaways

🐛 The Maze Worm Farm is a well-built and sturdy system with good ventilation for worms, preventing escapes.
🌞 The worm farm is suitable for indoor use, as it doesn’t need direct sunlight and will last for years.
🦵 Plastic legs are recommended over wooden ones for ease of installation and stability.
💪 The compact size of the Maze Worm Farm makes it easy to lift and move, which is convenient for cleaning or relocating.
🌱 A smaller worm farm like this is ideal for gardeners with limited space, as it produces sufficient worm castings for a small garden.
🦵 Worms in this system are resilient and don’t try to escape, even when conditions are suitable for breeding.
🐛 The Maze Worm Farm may not produce as many cocoons as larger systems due to its smaller surface area, but it’s suitable for small-scale gardening.
🐛 The worm castings from this system are rich and can be mixed with compost to grow healthy plants.

Maze Worm Farm

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  1. Easy assembly: Putting together the Maze Worm Farm 1 was a piece of cake. The instructions were clear, and it didn’t take much time.
  2. Good size: This worm farm is small enough to fit in your kitchen, yet it still provides enough space for a decent amount of worms.
  3. Sturdy construction: The plastic used is of decent quality and feels relatively sturdy.
  4. Modular design: The two working trays allow you to rotate them when they get full, making the composting process more efficient.
  5. Lightweight and portable: You can easily lift and move this worm farm around, which comes in handy when you need to relocate it in your yard.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Escaping worms: One of the major downsides I experienced was that the worms can escape easily. Some found their way through the lid and others through the holes in the bottom tray. This undermined the main purpose of a worm farm.
  2. Lackluster instructions: If you’re new to worm composting, the instructions might not be informative enough. They fail to explain how many worms you can have, which is important for beginners.

Quick Verdict

The Maze Worm Farm 1 is a well-designed and high-quality worm farm. It’s compact, manageable, and easy to use. While it has its flaws, such as the issue with escaping worms and inadequate instructions, they can be fixed. Overall, if you’re willing to implement some fixes, this worm farm is a good option for your composting needs. You can find the Maze Worm Farm 1 here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Maze Worm Farm on Amazon as I have always been interested in composting and wanted to try my hand at vermicomposting. Being in the USA, I received the product in just a couple of days after placing the order, which was really impressive.

When I opened the box, I found the Maze Worm Farm neatly packed inside. The square-shaped composter was black with green accents, giving it a sleek and modern look. It was quite lightweight, weighing only 9 pounds. The product dimensions were 15L x 15W x 11H, providing a compact yet spacious design. Although the box was not very large, it had a capacity of 2 liters, perfect for my vermicomposting needs. Inside, I also found an empty user guide, which I will discuss later.


Here are some key specifications of the Maze Worm Farm:

  • Brand: Maze
  • Color: Black / Green
  • Manufacturer: Riverstone Industries
  • Item Weight: 9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 11 inches

These specifications give you an idea of the product’s brand, color, manufacturer, weight, and dimensions, helping you make an informed decision.

Maze Worm Farm

Documentation/ User Guide

The documentation that came with the Maze Worm Farm proved to be quite helpful. It provided detailed instructions on setting up and maintaining the composter. The user guide explained the process of vermicomposting and offered tips and tricks to maximize composting efficiency. It also included troubleshooting information for common issues that might arise during the composting journey. To access the user guide, you can click here.

Features – What I Found

Easy to Use and Portable

The Maze Worm Farm is designed to be easy to use and portable. The lightweight construction allows you to easily move the worm farm around your garden or even indoors, depending on your preference. The compact size also makes it convenient to find a suitable spot for the worm farm without taking up too much space.

The easy sliding worm-saver tray adds to the convenience of using this worm farm. When it is time to collect the worm castings, you can simply slide out the tray and harvest the material without disturbing the worms or the layers of organic waste and compost. This makes the entire process hassle-free and efficient.

Pro tip: To optimize the portability of the Maze Worm Farm 1, consider using a trolley or cart with wheels to easily move it around your garden or patio.

Optimal Airflow for Worms

The Maze Worm Farm 1 is designed to provide optimal airflow for the worms. Good airflow is essential for the health and productivity of the worms, as it ensures proper oxygen supply and helps prevent the buildup of harmful gases. The well-ventilated trays and lid of the worm farm promote a healthy environment for the worms to thrive.

Adequate ventilation also aids in the breakdown of organic waste materials. The circulation of air helps to control moisture levels and prevents the compost from becoming too wet or compacted. This feature ensures that the worms have the ideal conditions for decomposing the organic waste into nutrient-rich worm castings.

Maze Worm Farm

Efficient Rotating System

The Maze Worm Farm 1 comes with two working trays that can be rotated when one tray becomes full. This rotating system allows you to continuously add kitchen scraps and garden waste to one tray while the other tray is being processed by the worms. By the time the second tray is full, the worms in the first tray would have already converted the waste into valuable compost.

The rotating system maximizes the productivity of the worm farm and ensures a continuous supply of nutrient-rich worm castings. It also makes it easier for you to manage the composting process and maintain a balanced environment within the worm farm.

Liquid Collection Tray

The Maze Worm Farm 1 features a liquid collection tray that captures the liquid, often referred to as worm tea or worm leachate, that is produced during the composting process. This liquid is a valuable byproduct of the worm farm and is rich in nutrients, making it an excellent organic liquid fertilizer for your plants.

The collection tray is designed to be easily accessible, allowing you to conveniently collect and utilize the worm tea. You can dilute the collected liquid and use it to water your plants, promoting healthy growth and vitality.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The Maze Worm Farm 1 is made from recycled materials diverted from landfills, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. By using recycled materials, the worm farm helps reduce waste and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Additionally, the Maze Worm Farm 1 is proudly made in Australia. Supporting locally made products not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping but also supports local economies.


I recently purchased the Maze Worm Farm and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. Firstly, the size and design of the worm farm are perfect for my needs. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around my garden. Additionally, it looks great and adds a touch of aesthetics to my outdoor space.

One of the standout features of this worm farm is its functionality. The two working trays allow me to easily rotate them when one is full, ensuring a smooth composting process. The easy sliding worm-saver tray is a game changer as it makes it simple to collect and separate worm castings. Furthermore, the liquid collection tray is a convenient addition, as it captures the valuable liquid fertilizer produced by the worms.

The quality of the materials used in the construction of the Maze Worm Farm is impressive. It is made from recycled materials and has a sturdy build, which reassures me that it will last for a long time. Another aspect that I appreciate is that it is made in Australia, supporting local manufacturing.

If you’re new to worm composting, like I was, there may be a learning curve in terms of preventing worms from escaping. However, there are helpful tips and solutions available from other reviewers who have successfully addressed this issue. Overall, I highly recommend the Maze Worm Farm for its compact size, functionality, and sustainability.

Click here to check out the Maze Worm Farm 1 on Amazon

Maze Worm Farm

Still not sold? Checkout These Alternatives

If you’re considering the Maze Worm Farm but want to explore other options, here are some great alternatives to consider:

  1. Maze Worm Farm: This worm farm is a fantastic option for those looking for a simple and effective way to compost with worms. It offers a large capacity and sturdy construction, allowing you to create nutrient-rich worm castings for your plants. You can find more information and purchase the Maze Worm Farm here.
  2. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin: With its easy setup and sustainable design, the VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin is a reliable alternative. It features five trays that allow worms to migrate upward, resulting in hassle-free harvesting of worm castings. Check out and purchase the VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin here.
  3. Worm Bucket Indoor Composting Kit: For those who prefer indoor composting, the Worm Bucket Indoor Composting Kit is an excellent choice. This kit provides everything you need to make worm castings and worm tea in a compact and odorless setup. Find out more about the Worm Bucket Indoor Composting Kit and purchase it here.
  4. Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2: With its fully removable zipper-free bottom, the Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 offers easy harvesting of worm castings. This innovative design ensures a well-aerated environment for your worms, resulting in optimal composting results. Get more details and buy the Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 here.
  5. Worm Nerd WN54 4-Tray Worm Composting Bin Kit: The Worm Nerd WN54 4-Tray Worm Composting Bin Kit is an ideal choice for those looking for a complete package. This kit includes a coco coir brick for recycling food waste, worm castings, worm tea, and vermicomposting. Discover more about the Worm Nerd WN54 4-Tray Worm Composting Bin Kit and purchase it here.

Each of these alternative products offers unique features and benefits that may better suit your specific needs and preferences. Consider these options and make an informed decision based on your requirements. Happy composting!

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