Worm Factory 360 Review: Reliable Vermicomposting

by Sam Richards | Last Updated: November 26, 2020

Worm Factory 360 ReviewIf you love gardening, then you may have thought of using worms to create organic and rich compost for your garden. You can do that with the aid of kitchen scraps as well as other biodegradable items and materials, specifically those found at your own home. It would be easy to produce your own compost from worms with the help of a worm composter, like the Worm Factory 360. Get to know more about this composting system through this review.


The multi-tray design of the Worm Factory 360 is probably one of the first things you will notice about it. This means that it has more than one tray – 4 stacking trays to be exact. Since it has a multi-tray design, you can easily expand it to hold a max of eight trays. You can add its layers of trays one at a time. The fact that it is expandable is an advantage as it means it would be unnecessary to rush the process of harvesting the completed compost.

Note that this composter is also expandable vertically. It makes it possible to increase the capacity of the compost while retaining a small and compact footprint. It is also designed with a user-friendly system. I think you will enjoy its hassle-free construction with its four existing trays and a solid base. The lid makes a handy stand, supporting the other trays every time you need to remove the one at the bottom. The construction is ideal for use in small and large households, thanks to its adjustable capacity.

Thermo Siphon Airflow Structure

You will also love its thermo-siphon airflow structure as it significantly speeds up the process of composting. With that, expect to be able to produce compost quicker compared to when you are using the traditional composting techniques. It is also a unique structure, which makes it possible for oxygen to flow properly through the system, ensuring that you will not experience any foul and stinky garbage odors.

The Worm Ladder

The Worm Factory 360 also works well for composting with the aid of its worm ladder, which perfectly fits between the first tray layer as well as the moisture collection base at the bottom. With this nice feature around, all worms that move down accidentally when they are supposed to go up can crawl back up quickly and easily. They can move up to the bin again where their sources of food are around.

Lightweight Structure

The Worm Factory 360 also continues to leave a positive impression because of its lightness and portability. It is light and portable that picking it up and moving it around will surely be easy. It is not like other homemade worm bins that are quite heavy, causing difficulties in moving them. Even when full, every tray in this system only weighs around twelve and a half pounds. With that, you can lift and arrange trays with ease.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use the Worm Factory 360?

To use this composter, it is advisable to take advantage of its multiple layers of trays. All you have to do is add one layer of tray one at a time. Check the contents of the lowest tray constantly to find out if it has already created castings. Once this tray gets filled with castings, you can put on another tray containing food on top of it. This will make the worms migrate on the upper layer of the tray in case the bottom no longer has food.

Continue stacking the trays in that way until you have used all of them. Your goal is to make all worms migrate upwards until the bottom tray no longer has worms. The only ones left should just be the worm castings. Harvest them and begin using them in your garden to nourish your plants.

How to feed the worms?

Using this composter assures you of an easy and convenient experience when it comes to feeding your worms. You can feed the worms with kitchen or food scraps with the aid of the small hand rake included in the package. All it takes is pulling back one layer of damp paper integrated on the topmost part of the tray.

Use the hand rake to rake the bedding back then throw in food scraps that were frozen and thawed earlier. You can then rake back the bedding over the topmost tray. When feeding the worms, make it a point to include brown and green materials, thereby retaining balance. With that, you have an assurance that the worms will be happy. In my opinion, it would be best to feed the worms at least twice or thrice every week.

How to collect the castings?

The good thing about the Worm Factory 360 is that it has a guide that will assist you throughout the process. In terms of castings, be aware that you can fill your bottom tray with them after a couple of months (around 3-4 months in most cases).

After that happens, it is crucial to put a new tray of food on top of the worms. That way, they will move upwards and leave the bottom tray filled with the casting. Once you no longer see any worm at the bottom, you can start harvesting all the worm castings left in there.


The Worm Factory 360 is indeed a great addition to the tools of gardeners. With the composter around, I am sure you will have a nice experience making compost from worms. It can make your goal of producing fresh compost rich in nutrients easy to achieve. With that, you will have something to use to protect your plants from diseases naturally and make them survive.