Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler: Redefining Sustainability in Your Kitchen!

  • By: Sam Richards
  • Date: September 4, 2023
  • Time to read: 10 min.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. As someone who is conscious about reducing food waste and its impact on the environment, this compact food recycler has been a game-changer in my kitchen.

The main feature that stood out to me is its ability to reduce food waste to a fraction of its original volume. This means fewer trips to the trash can and a more sustainable approach to dealing with food scraps. I love that I can easily mix the recycled food compound into my soil, creating nutrient-rich plant food for my garden.

Key features

  • Reduces food waste and eliminates food scrap odors
  • Heats dries, and grinds food scraps into a soil amendment that resembles a mixture of bread crumbs and dried spices
  • Removable waste bucket with a 2-liter capacity
  • Carbon-filter lid accessory available for purchase to help reduce odors
  • Compact size and ease of use allow you to recycle your food waste conveniently
  • Available through Vitamix and Breville
Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler

Embracing a Greener Lifestyle with the Vitamix Food Cycler

As someone who values sustainable living and takes pride in reducing my carbon footprint, I’m always on the lookout for innovative solutions that align with my eco-friendly ideals. That’s why when I came across the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly remarkable.

Saying Goodbye to Wasteful Habits

Our household had always been conscious of our waste, but after a recent kitchen remodel, I discovered a troubling 30% blockage in our wastewater line caused by our high-end garbage disposal. Concerned about the chemicals we were introducing into our water supply, I decided to explore more sustainable options. Enter the Food Cycler from Vitamix.

A Revolution in Kitchen Waste Management

The Food Cycler has become an integral part of our daily routine. Instead of tossing our kitchen scraps into the trash or using the old disposal, we now utilize this sleek device that rests conveniently next to our prep area. The innovative charcoal filter lid keeps any odors at bay, making it a pleasant addition to our kitchen.

Efficiency and Versatility in Every Cycle

We’re a family of three, and the Food Cycler effortlessly handles our daily food waste. It’s astonishing how effectively it dehydrates and grinds our kitchen scraps, reducing them to loose sediment that can be used as nutrient-rich compost. Even small bones are handled with ease, leaving them in a manageable form for disposal.

From Scraps to Nourishment

One of the most exciting aspects of the Food Cycler is its transformative power. Not only does it help us reduce waste, but it also provides us with a sustainable resource. The remnants from non-animal related products can be mixed with soil to enrich our garden, while items like eggshells and cheese serve as fantastic additives for flower planting.

Embracing Responsible Living

This product speaks to my farmer’s mindset and desires to be a responsible steward of the Earth. It’s a small step towards making a big impact. The reduction in waste, the cleaner pipes, and the overall sense of responsibility towards our environment have been truly rewarding.

A Testament to Quality and Innovation

Vitamix has truly outdone itself with this product. The simplicity of its design makes it incredibly user-friendly, while its functionality aligns with my commitment to sustainable living. And the added bonus? No more noisy garbage disposal or lingering unpleasant smells.

A Greener Tomorrow, One Cycle at a Time

As I reflect on my journey with the Vitamix Food Cycler, I can’t help but feel grateful for this ingenious solution. It has become an essential tool in our quest for a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. So if you’re looking to embrace responsible living, reduce waste, and make a positive impact, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in this remarkable device. It’s not just about disposing of waste; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that nurtures our planet and ensures a brighter future for generations to come.

Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler

Key takeaways

  • 🌱 Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 turns organic waste into fertilizer within hours.
  •  📐 Compact design fits on countertops, easy to move and use.
  •  🍽️ The lid has a carbon filter, making it suitable for indoor use without odor.
  •  ⏳ Process takes 4-8 hours to dry, grind, and cool down food scraps.
  •  ♻️ Byproducts can be used as pre-compost but require additional treatment for full composting.
Product Image

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  • The compact size of the FoodCycler FC-50 allows it to fit almost anywhere in my kitchen, taking up minimal space.
  • Running multiple cycles per day is a breeze with just the press of a button. It’s convenient and easy to use.
  • The carbon filter lid and quieter cycles make it ideal for indoor use, as it eliminates food scrap odors and reduces offensive smells.
  • The removable waste bucket is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.
  • The resulting compost is a valuable addition to my soil, providing nutrients for healthy plant growth.

What Can Be Improved

  • The length of the cord could be longer, preventing the need for an extension cord.
  • The coating inside the bucket may start to come off after extended use, requiring a replacement bucket at an additional cost.
Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler

Quick Verdict

In conclusion, the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler FoodCycler FC-50 is a must-have for anyone looking to reduce food waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Its compact size, easy operation, and odorless performance make it a convenient addition to any kitchen. While there are some minor downsides, such as the cord length and potential coating issue, the overall benefits far outweigh them. I highly recommend this product for its efficiency in reducing food waste and producing nutrient-rich compost.

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Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As someone living in the USA, I recently purchased the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler FoodCycler FC-50, 2 L, Slate from Amazon. I wanted a convenient solution for food waste recycling, and this product seemed like a great fit. The ordering process was smooth, and I received the product within a week of placing my order.

Upon unboxing the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler, I found the following items inside the box:

  • FoodCycler FC-50 Bucket w/ Processing Lid
  • Collection Lid
  • 2 x Carbon Filters
  • 2 x Filter Caps


Here are some key specifications of the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler:

  • Brand: Vitamix
  • Manufacturer: Vitamix
  • Item Weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Model Name: FOOD CYCLER
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Material: ABS Plastic Shell Cast Aluminum Bucket
  • Bowl Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Color: Slate
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6D x 11W x 14.2H
Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler

Documentation/ User Guide

The documentation provided with the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler was extremely helpful in familiarizing me with the product’s features and operation. The user guide contains clear instructions and illustrations, making it easy to understand how to properly use and maintain the food cycler. You can find the complete user guide here.

Features – What I Found

1. Compact and Convenient Food Recycler

The Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler is a compact food recycler that efficiently reduces food waste and eliminates food scrap odors, making it a convenient solution for indoor use. With its compact design, it takes up only one cubic foot of space, allowing you to easily fit it in your kitchen, under the sink, or by the trash can. Additionally, it requires just a power outlet, making it easily accessible and usable in any household.

The FoodCycler FC-50 allows you to significantly reduce your food waste to a fraction of its original volume. After each cycle, the resulting recycled food compound can be mixed into your soil, providing nutrient-rich plant food. This not only helps in minimizing food waste but also contributes to sustainable practices in gardening and composting.

Pro-tip: To maximize the efficiency of the food recycling process, ensure that you cut food scraps into smaller pieces before placing them in the FoodCycler FC-50. This helps to expedite the breakdown process and results in faster and more effective recycling.

2. Odorless and Quiet Operation

The FoodCycler FC-50 features a new carbon filter lid that effectively reduces odors, allowing you to store your scraps until the bucket is full without worrying about offensive smells. This is particularly beneficial for indoor use, as it eliminates any concerns regarding unpleasant odors in your kitchen or living spaces. The carbon filter lid enhances the overall experience of using the FoodCycler FC-50.

Furthermore, the FoodCycler FC-50 is designed to operate quietly, enabling you to run multiple cycles per day without any disturbing noise. This feature is especially advantageous if you prefer to minimize noise pollution in your home or if you have sensitive ears that are easily bothered by loud appliances.

Pro-tip: To maintain the optimal odor-reducing performance of the carbon filter lid, it is recommended to replace the carbon filters periodically. Refer to the product manual or check the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended replacement intervals and procedures.

Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler

3. Easy to Use and Clean

Using the FoodCycler FC-50 is incredibly simple and convenient. With just the press of a button, you can initiate a recycling cycle. The easy-to-use interface ensures that anyone can operate the food recycler effortlessly, without the need for complicated settings or programming.

After each cycle, the removable waste bucket can be easily cleaned by placing it in the dishwasher. This eliminates the hassle of manual cleaning and ensures that the FoodCycler FC-50 is always ready for the next use. Easy maintenance and cleaning make it a user-friendly appliance that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

4. Versatile Placement Options

The compact size of the FoodCycler FC-50 allows for versatility in its placement. You can keep the removable waste bucket in the kitchen, under the sink, or near the trash can, ensuring easy access while cooking or disposing of food waste. The FoodCycler FC-50 itself can be stored in the garage, a closet, or on the counter. This flexibility enables you to optimize the use of your available space and tailor the placement according to your preferences and needs.

Pro-tip: If your kitchen space is limited, consider utilizing the countertop option for the FoodCycler FC-50. This not only provides easy access while cooking but also serves as a visual reminder to utilize the food recycler instead of throwing away food waste in the regular trash can.

5. Environmental Benefits

The FoodCycler FC-50 contributes to reducing environmental impact through its effective food waste reduction capacity. By significantly reducing the original volume of food waste, it helps minimize the amount of waste that goes into landfills, leading to decreased greenhouse gas emissions and methane production. Incorporating the recycled food compound into your soil promotes natural and sustainable gardening practices, enriching the soil with essential nutrients.

The technology behind the FoodCycler FC-50 allows for the efficient decomposition of food waste, utilizing a combination of heat, agitation, and airflow. This process not only reduces waste but also accelerates the breakdown of organic matter, making it an environmentally conscious solution for managing food scraps.

Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler


I recently purchased the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler FoodCycler FC-50 and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. It has exceeded my expectations in reducing food waste and eliminating odors in my kitchen. The compact design allows it to fit in small spaces, and the carbon filter lid ensures that offensive smells are minimized.

Using this food recycler is incredibly convenient. I can run multiple cycles per day with just the press of a button, and the resulting compost is a nutrient-rich plant food that I can mix into my soil. The easy cleaning process, which involves putting the removable waste bucket in the dishwasher, saves me time and effort.

This product is not only odorless, but it is also quiet during operation. I appreciate not having to deal with the noise and smell associated with traditional garbage disposals. Additionally, this food recycler aligns with my values as a responsible steward of the Earth. By reducing my food waste and utilizing it for compost, I am making a positive impact on the environment.

Overall, the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler FoodCycler FC-50 has been a valuable addition to my kitchen. Its efficient food recycling capabilities, compact size, and odorless operation make it a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to reduce food waste and contribute to sustainable practices in their home.

You can find the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler FoodCycler FC-50 on Amazon with a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2197 reviews.

Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler

Alternatives To Consider

When it comes to composting and kitchen waste management, the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler FoodCycler FC-50 is undoubtedly a top-notch choice. However, if you’re looking for some alternative options that can cater to your specific needs and preferences, here are a few products worth considering:

  • Vitamix FoodCycler® FC-50 Replacement Bucket & Lid: If you already own the Vitamix FC-50-SP Food Cycler, this replacement bucket and lid set is a great investment. It allows you to continue composting while the other bucket is being emptied or cleaned. You can find it on Amazon here.
  • Paris Rhône Smart Waste Kitchen Composter: The Paris Rhône Smart Waste Kitchen Composter offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your kitchen waste. With three composting modes and an odor-free design, this countertop food cycler is a great addition to any environmentally conscious household. Check it out on Amazon here.
  • Electric Kitchen Composter 3L: Ideal for small kitchens, the Electric Kitchen Composter 3L is a smart waste management solution. With an activated carbon filter to eliminate odors and a compact design, this compost bin can easily turn your waste into organic compost. You can find it on Amazon here.
  • Simplehuman Compost Caddy: For those who prefer a sleek and functional design, the simplehuman Compost Caddy is a great choice. Made of brushed stainless steel, this detachable countertop bin can hold up to 4 liters of waste. Check it out on Amazon here.

These alternative products offer a variety of features and functionalities that might better suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a replacement bucket, a compost bin with different composting modes, or a stylish stainless steel caddy, these alternatives provide you with options to consider. So, why not explore these alternatives and find the perfect fit for your kitchen waste management needs?

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